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[English name] N- (2-Mercaptopropionyl) glycine
  Chinese generic name] tiopronin
【English common name】 tiopronin
【Chinese Chemical Name】 N- (2-mercaptopropionyl) -glycine
【CAS】 1953-02-2
[Implementation of standards] YBH03792007
[Pharmacological effects] This product has detoxification, protection of liver tissue, cells, ethanol damage to the liver has a significant repair effect, improve liver function.
Viral hepatitis, alcoholic hepatitis, drug-induced hepatitis, heavy metal toxic hepatitis, fatty liver and liver cirrhosis; reduce radiotherapy and chemotherapy side effects, increase white blood cells and accelerate the recovery of liver cells, reduce bone marrow chromosome aberration rate and skin ulcers And prevention of radiotherapy caused by the occurrence of secondary tumors; early age cataract and vitreous opacity have a significant therapeutic effect; prevention and treatment of urinary tract cystine stones; anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic effects on dermatitis, eczema, Acne and urticaria have a better effect.
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